The TS Workplace approach sets us apart from the standard industry format.

We work with chartered psychologists, neuro-physiotherapists and ergonomists throughout the analysis process, so that we fully understand behaviours, processes, health and culture alongside the activity requirements of a workforce.

In doing so we create relevant co-ordinated, sustainable, flexible and dynamic workplace environments that fully support the workforce.

We believe there are three guiding principles that influence and inform all workplace projects:


It’s all about people. Healthy, happy, motivated and content people make businesses successful. Unlocking the full human potential through the design process is our aim.


We use the evidence from the analysis process to ensure the development of the environment provides the right place to support the workforce.


A deep understanding of the way people need and want to operate at their place of work, through evidence based research and detailed analysis, will enable us to develop a comprehensive brief to maximise performance.