Our analysis process is structured around evidence based research from our psychology and neuro-healthcare partners. We carry out client specific workforce-wide questionnaires, cross-section interviews, space utilisation and workflow studies, together with health & wellbeing and ergonomic based assessments. The objective is to fully understand how the workforce and workplace currently operate and interact, to determine what is required and to create a framework for the workplace to be developed.


We provide a comprehensive interior design service, working within our guiding principles and using the data from the analysis output to inform the design process. This includes space planning, concept design, visualisation, detailed design, working drawings and product specifications covering such things as furniture and lighting.

Our overall aim is to deliver healthy, flexible, sustainable and dynamic places for people to work.


Using our knowledge of how people need and want to operate in their office environment, we bring depth to redevelopment and refurbishment projects. Designing for the client and for the occupier through greater alignment enables us to produce great results.


The design management and co-ordination is crucial to the success of any project. Many projects have time, cost and technical constraints and it is imperative that the integrity of the design is maintained throughout the construction process, whilst ensuring commercial sense prevails. Our experienced team work closely with project delivery teams, providing intelligent and sensible solutions to issues that inevitably occur on site.